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 MEFIRS Administration
       Managing Staff in MEFIRS
       Unlocking User Accounts
 Online Education System (MEMSEd)
 Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD)
       Do I have to be licensed in Maine to practice EMD or can I practice based upon my International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED) certification?
       Where can I look at the Maine EMS administrative Rules concerning emergency medical dispatch?
       Where can I find the EMD law?
 Paramedic Interfacility Transfer
       Our local EMS service has critical care transport paramedics (CCEMT-P). Are these the same thing as PIFT paramedics?
       What is PIFT?
       What are the classes of medications included in the 2006 PIFT program?
       How do I know if this transport requires a paramedic or a PIFT paramedic?
       My physicians and nurses have concerns over the quality of care these paramedics can provide with this program. What can we do?
       Why does having a PIFT paramedic make a difference?
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 Comfort Care/Do Not Resuscitate
       Information about Maine's Comfort Care/ Do Not Resuscitate Program
       Renewing a Maine EMS license
       Applying for a New Maine EMS License
       Does Maine recognize a certification/license from another state?
       Becoming an EMS Responder
       How many CEH's do I need to renew my license?
       Online Continuing Education Courses
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 Medical Direction and Practices
       Approved Equipment list
       What are the Maine EMS standards for infusion pumps?
 Licensing Exams

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