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Run Reporting System (MEMSRR)
Locked Accounts
Online Education System (MEMSEd)
Gaining Access to MEMSEd
I cant access the quiz
MEMSEd Presentation will not load
MEMSRR Administration
Unlocking User Accounts
Managing Staff in MEMSRR
Updating Service Information
Working with the Incident List
Add/Remove Vehicles
Add/Modify “Favorite Locations” List
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Can I still give a copy of a run report to a law enforcement officer?
Are there some web sites that have useful and accurate HIPAA information?
Does HIPAA affect our dispatch center?
Is it OK to provide copies of run reports with the regional quality assurance/improvement program?
Should I still report cases of abuse of children and incapacitated or dependent adults?
Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD)
Do I have to be licensed in Maine to practice EMD or can I practice based upon my International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED) certification?
Where can I look at the Maine EMS administrative Rules concerning emergency medical dispatch?
Where can I find the EMD law?
What about mode of response? If local emergency services worked with an EMD Center and a physician medical director to establish different priority levels of response mode and configuration based on EMD findings, would that put them at legal risk?
What about liability? Are PSAPs more likely to get sued if they are providing medical advice over the phone?
Paramedic Interfacility Transfer
Our local EMS service has critical care transport paramedics (CCEMT-P). Are these the same thing as PIFT paramedics?
What are the classes of medications included in the 2006 PIFT program?
What is PIFT?
How do I know if this transport requires a paramedic or a PIFT paramedic?
What if the patient is on a medication not covered in the above list?
My physicians and nurses have concerns over the quality of care these paramedics can provide with this program. What can we do?
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Comfort Care/Do Not Resuscitate
Information about Maine's Comfort Care/ Do Not Resuscitate Program
Renewing a Maine EMS license
Applying for a New Maine EMS License
Becoming an EMS Responder
Does Maine recognize a certification/license from another state?
How many CEH's do I need to renew my license?
Where can I find the Standardized CEH List?
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Medical Direction and Practices
Approved Equipment list
What are the Maine EMS standards for infusion pumps?
Licensing Exams

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