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Where can I find the EMD law?
Maine EMD laws are included in §85-A of the Maine EMS statute (32 M.R.S.A Chapter 2-B). Click here to view or download a copy of the statute.  
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Where can I look at the Maine EMS administrative Rules concerning emergency medical dispatch?
Chapters 3-A, and 5-A of the Maine EMS Rules, describe the certification and licensing requirements for Emergency Medical Dispatch Services and Emergency Medical Dispatchers. Chapter 9-A contains the ...
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Do I have to be licensed in Maine to practice EMD or can I practice based upon my International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED) certification?
You must be licensed by Maine EMS in order to practice EMD in Maine, your IAED certification is not enough. Think of your IAED card as proof of training. You submit a copy of your IAED card along with...
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What about liability? Are PSAPs more likely to get sued if they are providing medical advice over the phone?
In this era of contemporary public safety and emergency medical services, astute legal advisors point out that there is a greater liability associated with NOT providing EMD services. EMD is national...
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What about mode of response? If local emergency services worked with an EMD Center and a physician medical director to establish different priority levels of response mode and configuration based on EMD findings, would that put them at legal risk?
Again, there is actually a lot of support for critical thinking about emergency response. Over recent years, many sophisticated emergency services have developed response protocols that take into acco...
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