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 Our local EMS service has critical care transport paramedics (CCEMT-P). Are these the same thing as PIFT paramedics?


CCEMT-P is a certification awarded to paramedics or nurses who have successfully completed the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) training program for critical care transport. This class covers a wider variety of topics then the Maine EMS PIFT program and does include a nationally recognized exam on course completion. Maine EMS allows paramedics who successfully complete the CCEMT-P program to operate as PIFT paramedics. However, the scope of practice for interfacility transports in Maine is governed by the accepted PIFT curriculum. UMBC graduates are not allowed to transport additional medications, devices, or perform procedures from the UMBC CCEMT-P course in Maine at this time since they fall outside of the PIFT scope of practice. Simply having the certification indicates a level of professional achievement but does not delineate clinical practice privileges much like a nursing certification (i.e. CEN) does.

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